Munich–January 28, 2017

I saw these as I walked past the Referat für Bildung und Sport (Division of Education and Sport):

Windows display of paper shopping bags
art plaster people
plaster busts
wall art child at atm

My first stop was Lenbachhaus. Even the letters above the entrance are artistic:

Metal letters atop Lenbachhaus entrance
Flanges on letters at Lenbachhaus

And pictures from inside the building:

neon starting line
sheep painted on blocks
boxy dress
boxy mannequin in niche
Abstract talking heads
Two portraits
Colorful 3-d sculpture
Colorful 3-d abstract
Abstracts in red and blue, rectangular shapes
Panoramic view of room with colored abstracts
Circular painting with intersecting lines inside
circular abstract
Abstract of people with swords; scales in background
silicone head mask

The title of this one is “I go to have one of those.”

Half of red sportscar with half of bicycle on back.

An artist named Karin Sander mailed paintings to the museum and put them back on the wall, still in the packing material, to show the record of their passage:

mailed painting packed painting

This was on an otherwise blank wall:

Neon sign on otherwise blank wall: Think of this as a Window...

And more pictures:

X-ray of person drinking
Abstracts in room with wall painted brown from floor halfway to ceiling.

Blue Riders

A collection of paintings from the Blue Rider group, including artists such as Franz Marc and Wassily Kandinsky:

Impressionist painting of woman in blue walking past store window with hats
impressionist tiger
portrait of bearded man
Woman holding plate of fruit
Boy with still life in background
man in white makeup, red costume and rose
Interior of a small apartment
Human figures in clouds
Impressionist picture of woman and man recilning on a hill
Landscape and cityscape by Kandinsky
Woman sitting at table with lamp with green lampsahde
Pastel circular forms (Robert Delaunay)
Abstract bronze in foreground, painting in background
Woman in blue dress, back to viewer

On the second floor is what looks like a gift shop, but is actually an art work by Hans-Peter Feldmann that has been in progress since 1975. For a moment I thought it was real until I looked at it close up.

Long view of fake gift shop
Fake gift shop stocked with large array of knick-knacks.
Toys based on figures from Bosch's “Garden of Earthly Delights”
Another view of fake gift store

Neue Pinakothek

Off to yet another museum.

Abstract Sculpture
Landscape with river
Portrait of seated man
Apollo in center with nine muses at his side
Woman with short curly hair
Bust of severe looking woman with short curly hair
sculpture of mother and child in lap
Man looking to side, piece of paper in hand
landscape showing perspective
City street with buildings on both sides
Ludwig 1 in coronation robes
Woman with parted, pointy hair
Closeup of crowd scene in a painting

The title of this one is “Monekys as Judges of Art” by Gabriel von Max. You think he might have had a beef with art critics?

Group of monkeys sitting on a crate

Some more pictures, including close-ups to show brush work.

Closeup of windmill showing brush strokes
People at beer garden, children in foreground
portrait of woman's head with eyes closed and head tilted down

This is a portrait of Eduard, Count Von Keyserling, possibly one of the least flattering portraits I have seen.

Man with large eyes and extremely weak chin

The museum had a large display of impressionists (Manet, Monet, Degas, and Van Gogh):

Still life with fruit and green vase
Painter and woman seated in a small boat
Bust of bearded old man in straw hat
Impressionist painting of people near bridge (Paris?)
sunflowers in a vase
Painting of a farm field

I have no idea whose idea it was to put this piece of kitsch next to the Van Goghs:

Neptune and horses shaped like a wave

OK; back to better artwork, including some by Picasso and Gustav Klimt:

woman in front of river
bust of jester's head by Picasso
Lady in white dress
Two men plowing field w. two horses
Closeup of man and horse’s face showing brushwork.
Closeup of man ad house in background showing brush work


Sticker of stylized yellow skateboard on black background
sticker labeled [k c n] with c reversed
Sticker: “What is an arcsecond?”
Sticker: HELLO my crew is ANTIFA (last word lettered in marke rin black)