Munich–January 22, 2017

The plane arrived on time (7:40 a.m. local time) in a fairly heavy fog; so heavy that I wasn’t aware we were close to the ground until the wheels touched it. The airport wasn’t busy, so I was able to clear customs without any problem and get a ticket for the S8 train to the main train station. Due to the fog, I wasn’t able to get any pictures of the surrounding area.

I checked in at the Europäischer Hof hotel. The room wasn’t ready, so I had about a half hour to wander around the area, and found myself near the Palace of Justice:

Front of Palace of Justice,with ornate relief work Seated figures flanking ten commandments tablets Justice holding scales (top of building) Statuary and mace-like star on top of building Closeup of seated figures flanking a shield

The hotel room is nice (no pictures of it as yet). The following picture is the exterior of the inner courtyard:

Clown-like figures draped around the window frames on exterior of building

On each floor are inspirational posters in English and German. I’ll post a different one daily. Here’s the first. The text reads, “Nobody knows what they can do until they try.”

Sign with superhero silhouette at bottom.

Museums: Alte Pinakothek

Later in the afternoon, I headed out to the museum area. It turns out that admission prices on Sunday are only 1 €, which is quite a bargain. Near one of the museums is a column that shows where the museums are and how far it is to walk to each of them.

Short column showing map and walking times to museums. Sculpture of man and horse Bronze sculpture of a stylized chariot

I went to the Alte Pinakothek. One of the important exhibits is a self-portrait of Albrecht Dürer. This painting caused quite a stir, because up until that time, the pose was reserved only for paintings of Christ.

Albrecht Dürer self-portrait.

Herewith some of the art. If you like this sort of art, you’ll really enjoy this museum. I don’t, and didn’t, to a great extent.

Painting of architecturally complex building Winter scene with many people Woman in blue shawl, hands crossed over heart

Credits as follows:

At first glance, God seems to have lost some hair and put on a bit of weight in this painting, (Die Heiliege Familie in einer Landschaft [The Holy Family in a landscape] by Lodovico Mazzolino:

God above with Joseph, Mary, and Jesus (Mary is seated)

They had a whole room of paintings by Peter Paul Rubens. The first two are typical examples, which do not appeal to me in the slightest.

Large religious artwork with many nude people. Madonna and child surrounded by cherubs. Man with beer stein and bread Still life with fruit, grapes, and a mouse


Lots of signs today. First, this advert that says that a single person falls in love every 11 minutes using this app:

Smiling man and woman in advert

The design of this first set of posters and the kerning on the words “GOLDENE ZEIT” on the second one just seem “off” to me:

Adverts showing before and after pictures of people who took a training regimen. Poster for Spain’s Golden Age with painting by Velazquez as background

A clever advert for Nutella. The text reads: “Name: Heidi / Interested in: The mountains / Favorite color: Sky blue”

Woman in dirndl holding jar labeld “heidi” in Nutella font and coloring

This coffee house logo and stickers are nice:

Silhouette of smiling man on sign for "Coffee Fellows - Feel at home' Sticker for a party; shows a purple female hippo with headling HYPER! HYPER! Pseudo-retro poster of man in black and white holding beer glass in full color Sticker with Elk dot followed by a a plant stem with leaves rather than .com Line drawing of dog face

This one uses a slash through the letter “o” to symbolize an umlaut “ö”

Sign with an angled line through the top of a letter “O” to symbolize an umlaut

These signs on display from a bar called “Falscher Hase” (which translates to “Bad Rabbit” as far as I can tell). The pictures were taken at an angle to minimize reflection from the glass.

Falscher Hase logo staged like a mug shot Rabbit in hat and monocole, smoking pipe and holding sign “Falscher Hase Gin” Rabbit in russian hat, wearing gloves, holding sign in pseudo-Russian for vodka Rabbit in sombrero holding sign reading “Falshcer Hase Santa Muerte”


This sign for donuts made me do a double take, as the German word pronounces to something terribly unappealing in English:

Advert for donuts at a bakery

I went to this döner and pizza place for lunch. The döner was really large, but the meat was a bit dry. Good nonetheless.

Logo with red chili pepper representing the letter “i” in “Medi”