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Las Vegas 29 Dec 2016 – 1 Jan 2017

29 December

Went down to the Las Vegas Strip; didn’t see much interesting except the following (as usual, click a picture to see it at a larger size):

This slightly creepy old-style billboard:

1930s style billboard for air conditioning; boy holding flashlight

The up escalator near the MGM Grand was out of order, so I got a close-up of some escalator treads.

Six stacks of escalator treads showing mechanism

And, in other signage, some company that thought, “Hey, let’s use an umlaut so we can be pretentious!”

ëye-tech sign

And an excellent choice of font for this restaurant:

Sign for Tequila Taqueria with curved font and a multicoloured lizard

30 December

Went to downtown Las Vegas and saw this set of murals painted on the fencing around a construction site; there is some overlap between the pictures. Here is the web site for the group that did the paintings.

Mural panel showing guitar superimposed on word “SEE” Mural panel showing guitar superimposed on letters “SEE”
Mural panel with large eye, paint can, and spray paint cans Mural panel showing spray paint cans and art paint brushes Mural panel  with abstract design Mural panel showing glasses, tropical island, and mug of beer. Mural panel showing elephant, deer, lion, fox, rabbit, and wolf. Mural panel showing zebra, tiger, snake, rabbit, and bear Mural panel showing a shark behind a fence Mural panel showing African-American man with pencil behind ear Mural panel showing woman drinking soda and holding hamburger Mural panel shwing donuts, ice cream, fried chicken, pizza, hot dogs, taco, banana, and apple. Mural credits @the_isi_group

This is painted on the second floor of the Emergency Arts building.

Painting on second floor wall: "Corporate Welfare? Be a Maker! Not a Taker!

This seahorse sculpture is quite intriguing:

Metal sculpture of seahorse made of scrap metal Closeup of metal seahorse sculpture

This is on the side of the El Cortez Hotel and Casino; don’t know if it is new or not.

Showgirl in headdress wit chips and dice; words “Fear No Fate”

And finally, a storefront painting, a retro-style sign, and a sticker. The site for the sticker has some interesting blog posts.

Storefront with painting of dragon eating pizza. Old neon sign for Pabst beer, showing bartender holding glasses. Sticker labeled “Reno as Fuck”

31 December

Just these two pictures of what used to be the Liberace Museum, and is now a (somewhat run-down-appearing) banquet hall:

Long view of banquet hall Closeup of Liberace mosaic