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Las Vegas, 29–30 Dec 2015

No pictures from the Strip this time; I think I’ve done it to death. These are pictures of wall and utility box art. Most of them are from the downtown area, which is a great place for art. Click any picture to view a larger version.

Rabbit head with cactus growing out of eye Utility box with rabbit/cactus on one side and quails on other side. Utility box with quails on one side and cactus on other. Utility box with ballet dancer shoes pointing upwards Utility box with coyote and hummingbird. Utility box with fox and bird Utility box with wolf or coyote Meerkats sculptured onto side of aqua-colored bus. Creepy looking face with horned head Wall painting of gun whose barrel is twisted into the word “peace.” Wall painting of robot and girl with headband made of flowers Large stonefish-type wall painting Green eye with vertical slit; painted on a utility box Utility box with eye in tiger face Wall art of woman's face and large lettering in a gothic style. Woman's face with brown hair being tugged at by gold birds Rocket ship made of glass pieces Poster “You Killed Me First” with Frankenstein monster and bucket of poster paste Decal of man's face; face slightly resembles Buster Keaton. Wall art: woman applying lipstick while looking furtively to side. Wall art; man's face Face of woman with black lipstick and partially veiled face. Fred Flintstone face drawn on utility box Part of mural; child in blue dress that dissolves into smoke swirls From L to R, complex circular design, koala nd giarffe, woman in halter top and gas mask. From L to R, man in hoodie, owl with fox ears, african holding a gourd, panda, and circular design. Abstract wall art of man with martini and suitcase runing through desert. Wall painting of conestoga wagon going through desert w. single cactus; real cacti in foreground.

These are pictures from a “parklet” downtown near Carson Street.

Parklet in downtown area. Stone table with checkerboard and map of Las Vegas Top of bench w. picture of Black-tailed Jackrabbit.

Some signage. The first one caught my eye because that’s pretty much of a niche market. I really liked the design of the parking sign. The third one is near a dog park downtown, and the last two just made me laugh.

Concrete barrier labeled “Trench Plate Rental” Parking sign with arrow as part of the design Sign reading “Never be afraid to throw your head back and howl.” Motel sign reading “Llamas stay for free!” Plaque reading “Any bikes left longer than 36 hours will be donated to Burning Man.”