Skyline College–February 15, 2017

Amir Esfahani, an art professor at Skyline College, invited me to the faculty art show. Before the show started, I got some pictures of things in the display cases, plus some art on the buidings on campus.

Mural with hands Wire sculptures with wire camera in foreground Blue faced person in brown burqa Vase with flower in relief on side ceramic fish Mural in snake/dragon motif Geometric design mural w. mexican motif Green and yellow door to art gallery Poem on wall near art gallery

As you enter the gallery, you see this video:

And here is some of the artwork:

Small oil paintings of cars and teacups Closeup of painting of teacup Painting of back of a sedan Four small oil paintings in brown, green, gray, yellow, and orange Print of a brook flowing over stones bw photos pencil/charcoal drawing of a monkey Red and blue abstract paintings Dark brown/black abstract Sketches and paintings of nudes Black, white, and gray abstract Dark blue, gray, black abstract Blue tinted photo of two men in shadow Photo of two shirtless men back to back

This one was really intriguing:

plaster suspended on rods embedded in small lead weights

One of the artists had a large number of sculptures that I really liked:

Closeup of ceramic string sculpture with polyhedral stones Faceted ceramic sculpture Abstract sculpture with string and ceramic Abstract ceramic with string Closeup of ceramic with strings Sculpture of a row house Pigeon on city building

Amir had an exhibit of “Buddha selfie,” a small Buddha statue holding a selfie stick. It was very popular, but, alas, I did not get a picture of it. There were many other Buddhas surrounding it, and I did get pictures of those.

Multiple casts of buddha statues on pallets. Casts of seated buddha statue on pallet

I was going to take a break, and Amir told me about a trail near the campus that had some great views. He was right:

hillside on trail Houses on hillside; foliage in foreground Houses in background; foliage in foreground View of ocean from hillside Long view of city from hill Far view of city Тangle of branches Foliage and hillsides view

At the top of the trail was an abandoned building that had been covered with graffitti; it was just wonderful.

graffittied building Purple flower Spray-painted “Fuck Donald T” Window in building with graffitti on walls at side Various graffitti on wall We don't believe what's on TV Lips with words “Miss tree” graffittied jellyfish Various graffitti on side of buildling exterior Blue face with words on it I love him.../I hope my/life can be his/Sometimes he is an asshole/but I love him Graffittied letters with small cat face Exterior building with large yellow creature with red horns “I give up” spray painted on wall