San José 2011 - 9 July

Since I had car troubles and couldn’t get to Los Angeles, I took a “staycation” in San José. This consisted of a bike ride out to Mark’s Hot Dogs in East San Jose. On the way out there, I saw this gate at San José State University. As usual, click any of the pictures to see it at a bigger size.

Gateway at San Jose State University carved in form of United Farm Workers symbol, painted with farmworkers and Cesar Chavez.

Lunch at Mark’s was quite good. On the way back, I saw these wonderful sculptures across the street from San José City Hall. They were done in 2005 by an artist named Andrew Leicester.

Scultpure with tiles showing people made of tangrams pyramid of tiles with stick figures on them; title of work is “Families and Youth” Tile sculpture with small houses; title is “Nature and Environment” scultpure with baseballs, soccer balls, footballs, and tennis balls. Title is “Recreation, Play, & Sports” House made of tiles with roses on them. Title is “Neighborhoods” Detail of columnar scultpure; grapes and lettuce heads in relief Column with large red bird-like sculpture at top Column with “clasped hands” in relief and multi-colored ball on top Column with diamonds on surface and “futuristic antennae” on top; San Jose City Hall in background. Column with “wooden toy soldier”-type figure on top. San Jose City Hall in background.