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Sebastopol–2015 August 2-3

I was in Sebastopol, California for the O’Reilly Media Foo Camp. On Saturday morning, one of the attendees invited several people to go for a walk to see a street with a lot of sculptures. Of course, liking sculpture as much as I do, I accepted.

As I understand it, Patrick Amiot and Brigitte Laurent are a sculptor and artist who make sculptures out of junk. They asked their neighbors on the street if they would like sculptures for their front yard, and large number of them said yes.

Herewith some pictures taken on the walk; click any picture to see a larger version.

Sculptured angel Closeup of sculptured angel with pressure gauge for eye. Batmobile sculpture Train engineer on train. Sculpture of mermaid with brown hair and sea-blue tail Running rabbit atop a clock Baseball player in Oakland As uniform. Closeup of baseball player showing a clock dial as one of the eyes. Small traditional statue of a firefighter holding a hose. Red fire engine with two people in front and fireman hanging on at the back. Saillor standing in boat Two men in front of camper; one has flashlight for nose. Closeup of campers roasting marshmallows. Head of black dog with brown eye spots and nose. Soccer player in blue and red striped shirt Man in pickup truck w. dog in back

These are pictures from what I think is the artists’ house.

Artists' house with dinosaur, used car salesman, toothpaste tube, and several other sculptures. Sculpture of toothpaste tube and a pig-shaped mailbox Used car salesman with “OK used cars” sign on head Godzilla holding car with terrified man in it Wooden “My Friend Totoro” Three ceramic siamese cats Artists' cars; one is blue with white flowers; other is yellow with blue geometric designs.

And more pictures along the street.

Dog in fishing waders holding cat's head Dog on surfboard Blue “Three Little Pigs Construction” pickup truck with pig driving Waitress carrying dishes “Totem pole” of acrobats standing on each others' shoulders. Wicked witch of the west Driver on green tractor Red pickup truck with cow in back Skeleton riding motorcycle with long front fork Harlequin Man in plaid jacket with bird on hat Batman Babe Ruth in striped baseball uniform, holding bat at shoulder Man in “Australia” t-shirt with tennis racket; his moustache is a telephone handset. Totem pole with blue bird, striped orange cat, and dalmation (from top to bottom) Owl with yellow signal lights as eyes Bee Fireman with cleaning brushes for moustache Gopher holding tools (sculpture in front of hardware center)

They also created a sculpture of a tarsier in front of the O’Reilly building; the tarsier is pictured on one of O’Reilly’s earlier books (plus my favorite spoof of it). Here is a picture of me in front of the tarsier sculpture.

Me standing in front of tarsier sculpture in front of O'Reilly Media headquarters

During the walk, I saw two cats; the first was quite friendly, the other seemed to not want to be approached.

black and white bushy-tailed cat Crouching tabby cat

And finally, there was a house that belonged to a Dr. Who fan.

Tardis (blue British police box) in a garden