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Pasadena, California, 2 – 5 March 2017

I took a quick trip to Pasadena for SCaLE 15X (the Southern California Linux Expo). I was there to do booth duty for LibreOffice.

Here’s a shot of the outside of the hall and a view of the venue before everything was set up.

Large SCaLE banner with drawing of penguin Hall before booth setup

I didn’t take a lot of pictures inside the hall (though I did make a video on the last day of me making the rounds of the booths). For example, the night before the exhibit hall opened, one of the other booth staffers and I went to make copies of some handouts, and we saw this parrot right near a Petco store:

Green parrot with yellow bill in palm tree Green parrot with yellow bill in palm tree

I stayed at a hotel that was close to a Gold Line metro stop. The rest of these pictures are from a trip to the convention center from the Memorial Park metro station, passing by Pasadena Civic Center. As happens so often, a theme for the day presents itself, and this time it was planters. Go figure.

Red, orange, and white abstract meal sculpture Building with dome and arches Closeup of entrance archway to City Hall with reliefwork large busts of Jackie and Mack Robinson (African-American athletes) Reliefwork of flowers on white stone planter Planter with diamond pattern relief Succulents in terra cotta planter with pinecone pattern Terra cotta planter with greek motif Flowers on white stone planter Flower relief on white stone planter Jade tree plant in plain white faux marble planter