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Reno, NV, 30 – 31 Dec 2017

I decided to take a quick trip out of town for New Year’s Eve, and Reno was not forecasting snow, so off I went.

My first stop after checking in at the hotel was at the Nevada Museum of Art, which I think is possibly the best small museum outside the Smithsonian. Herewith some photos from the museum. Click on any of them to see it larger. If the picture has a green border, you can hover over the picture for more information.

Large reflective sphere hanging from ceiliing in museum. Meeting room with small photos on wall Smokey Bear breaking arrow with pine tree as tip and Chevron logo as tail

This series is from an exhibit titled “Unsettled

“Totem poles” made from backpacks and soft-sided luggage. paradoxical poster
Woman painting fence
plates with pigments Closeup of colored powders gold tapestry Canvas of a sunset, with pipes “stretching” the canvas out. Mask made of Nike Air Jordans; mask is in style of Northwest aboriginal people clothes in various Native American styles coca Woven baskets in Native American style Closeup of woven basket pattern

This one was quite interesting; it consisted of a projector projecting moving images of faces onto blank three-dimensional masks:

Faces projected onto blank three-dimensional masks

And these two, by Guillermo Bert, have QR Aztec Code woven into the tapestry. My phone’s QR reader wasn’t able to decode them, but they are supposed to go to a site that further explains the works. (Thanks to an alert reader for pointing out that it is an Aztec code.)

blue and white tapestry green, blue, and red tapestry

...and more art

Canvas with pastel-colored irregular blobs
Mountains in background of landscape (This work is made of paper and glue. Artist’s website)

The museum also featured an exhibit about the history of the Burning Man festival, but it did not appeal to me greatly, and I did not get any pictures of it.

These pictures are from the walk to the museum:

Raccoons on skateboards Metal grid sculpture spelling out “BELIEVE” in lettes approx. 2 meters high Closeup of segments of large whale sculpture Metal and colored glass sculpture of mother and baby whale Blue bird on cactus, woman with eyes closed - painted on corrugated metal