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Reno–2013 Aug 16-17

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Nevada Museum of Art

If you’re ever in Reno, definitely go to the Nevada Museum of Art. It’s well worth the $10 price of admission. The only photography permitted was the roof (from which I took the panoramic view of Reno) and also an exhibit of work by architect William L. Pereira, who designed the Los Angeles Airport, among other structures.

Normally I look at the titles of the paintings, but this museum’s collection is so wonderful that I just looked at the vast majority of the paintings and enjoyed them, without needing to know what the paintings were named.

Rock-filled wire frame sculpture of a crouching man. Suspended staircase in Nevada Museum of Art Paper lanterns hanging from ceiling Dumbbell-shaped wire sculptue on roof of museum “head-on” view of dumbbell-shaped sculpture Panoramic view of Reno from roof of Nevada Museum of Art wheel-like stone lying on roof (title “Shadow of the sun”) Model of Los Angeles Airport Model of Geisel Library at UC Irvine Models of Transamerica Pyramid Photo array of architect's work

The two artists whose work I liked the most were Chester Arnold (I really liked his painting “On Earth as it is in Heaven.”), and Amerique Powell, who had some great paintings of cats.

Wall Art

I saw these interesting bits of art on walls and in windows while walking from downtown to the Atlantis Casino.

Skateboard and hand of cards (wall art for “Aces Skate Shop”) Sign for “Deluxe Junk Bargains” Logo for coffee shop, with 3-d coffee mug that has steam rising from it Wall painting of fish Wall of salon with detailed painted faces Red flowers in hanging planters Random junk atop store named “Junkee” Liquor bottles painted on wall Sign for “The Melting Pot / World Emporium / Reno's coolest store since 1996” Wall painting of boy with book opened on head Cow and train painted on facade of a meat company Stack of painted stones on a pillar Fish and asian ship on sign at Korean/Japanese restaurant Wooden sculpture of bears in front of Black Bear Diner Huge wall painting of girl holding a chicken

On the way back, I passed by Virginia Park. The waterfowl are quite bold about crossing the street; cars slowed down for them (although, if you ask me, they’re worth 5 points each). I also saw a very strange, but artistic, stencil on the sidewalk.

Lake at park, with small island in middle Two geese crossing road near park Winged box-like machine with subtitle “SMITE”

Reno River Walk

A few pictures from the walk along the Truckee River, and a sculpture in a nearby plaza.

Purple and red flowers on bridge over Truckee River Metal animal sculptures as reliefs on a fountain Metal sculpture of a wild cat Butterfly-like sculpture in a plaza

Reno Gay Pride

It was a very low-key event; a few hundred people. Got my “cat fix” from the Reno Humane Society, who had a pet adoption booth. The first picture was a T-shirt that made me laugh; the second is comedian/writer/actor Bruce Vilanch, who did a few jokes for the crowd.

Panda vomiting and excreting a rainbow Bruce Vilanch delivering a joke


Here’s a contradiction in terms:

Good Luck Macbeth Theater Company

I had a hell of a time figuring out what this was from a distance; I was looking at the red outline rather than the negative space. (It was for a place called the Pangborn Law Offices, if you need a hint.)

negative space capital P

If you don’t want any excitement in your lfe, stay here.

Sign for “Ho Hum Motel”

These two businesses share space ina strip mall. I guess you go to the place at the bottom if the one on top doesn’t work out.

Signs: “Everlasting Health / Simple Cremation”

Not sure if I’d want my dinner prepared by some drunk (which is what borracho means).

Drunk Mexican in sombrero: sign at “El Borracho” restaurant