Morgan Hill Mushroom Mardi Gras–May 29, 2016

A friend described this event as “Gilroy Garlic Festival Lite,” and that’s a pretty good description. Click any picture to see it at a larger size.

I went primarily for the food. I had some deep-fried mushrooms (undistinguished), some mushroom risotto, which was very good, and some ice cream in the form of little beads.

Mushroom risotto Large pan of mushrooms Flames from pan of scampi

I did resist the temptation for this:

Sign for chocolate covered bacon on a stick.

Don’t know who this band is, but they sounded good and the audience really liked them a lot.

Performers on stage; woman performer in black tank top and red shorts.

Yes, I am a cat person, but this puppy was so adorable that I had to get its picture.

Collie pup Collie pup

The usual complement of arts and crafts was there; the bright colors of the lawn oranments and whirligigs attracted me.

multi-coloured whirligigs Hummingbird lawn ornament

Walking back to the car, I decided to take a pictue of some hills near Morgan Hill.

Hills near Morgan Hill


Today was “things are subtlely wrong here” day. (Note: 27 May 2016 was a Friday.)

“Artisinal Mediterranean Cuisine” Sign showing 27 May 2016 as Saturday “...application for a architectural site review”