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Morgan Hill Mushroom Mardis Gras–2014 May 25

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Display Booths

As I entered, I saw a rather tasteless kiddie slide.

Kiddie slide in shape of the Titanic

“Bullshit Boulevard” was well represented at the festival.

Psychic's booth Sign for PowerBandz that “may reduce” almost anything that ails you

There were quite a few solar energy booths this year.

“Sunlight concepts” booth Affordable Solar Roofs table Table cloth for RGS Energy with sun symbol Display for Verengo Solar

And some cleverly worded signs.

Logo for “Tastefully Twisted” ice cream cones “Too Pooped to Pop” kettle corn Sign for “Got Balz” antenna ball booth


Of course, the real reason I went to the Mushroom Mardi Gras was to have food. I did pass by the chocolate covered bacon on a stick; that was too much for me. However, I did have stuffed mushrooms (sorry, no picture), a bacon-wrapped hot dog, a portabella mushroom sandwich, a chocolate-covered frozen banana, and an ice cream cone. I told you I went there to eat.

sign for chocolate covered bacon on a stick Bacon-wrapped hot dog Portabello mushroom “burger” with grilled onions and tomato


Need an apostrophe? The Mushroom Mardi Gras has some extra’s!

Sign with “Cooking Demo's” on it Sign advertising “Feather Boa's”

No, you are not having a bad acid trip.

Man in top hat playing ukulele, clown playing accordion

This sculpture at the Morgan Hill train station is aptly titled “Waiting for the Train”

Sculpture of Family in 1890s garb