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Las Vegas 2013 - 28-31 December

Here are some pictures from my annual “go to Las Vegas for New Year’s Eve” trip. As usual, click any picture to see it at a larger size.

29 December

I saw a couple of painted electrical boxes on the bicycle ride to the strip.

Painted junction box Painted junction box Painted junction box Painted junction box

There’s a new ferris wheel being built behind the Flamingo hotel/casino; it’s visible from quite a distance.

Long distance view of new Ferris Wheel SIde view of Ferris Wheel Underside of Ferris Wheel pod

Of course, I had to stop at the Cosmopolitan and get some objets d’art from the Art-o-mat.

Cigarette machine modified to dispense small works of art

Later in the evening, I went to Sam’s Town with a friend to see their laser light Christmas show. The pictures of the show itself didn’t come out very well, unfortunately.

Lighted polar bear in christmas display Animatronic brown bear in Santa hat

30 December

I rode my bike to downtown, and saw this misspelled sign and a closed motel that used to have “Nice Rooms.”

Sign reading “closed during Rennovation” Abandoned motel sign reading “Welcome NIC R OM”

My first stop downtown was the Downtown Container Park, a fairly upscale shopping area with lots of nice little boutiques and eateries.

Metal mesh hydrant, approx 2.5 metres tall. Heart sculpture, giant mantis, and dome in background. Close up of head of scrap metal sculpture of mantis Buildings at container park

Fom the top level, I was able to see some fairly nice wall artwork.

View from top floor of container park. Wall art across from container park El Cortez wall sign: “Good rooms, good food, a good gamble; life is beautiful”

Further on towards downtown is a new zip line whose platform is in the shape of a giant slot machine named “Slotzilla.” Sadly, it wasn’t open yet, so I was not able to give it a try.

Zip line platform in shape of giant slot machine. Pink flamingo and martini glass at base of Slotzilla Long view of Slotzilla.

On the way back, I saw this attractive art on the bus stops.

“Bike More”; shows a colorful bike chain Stylized Crescent Cove, Lake Mead map Colorful “bus more” sign. Stylized map of Hoover Dam. Colorful “walk more” sign.