Las Vegas 2012 - 28-31 December

Here are some pictures from the drive to Las Vegas. (Click any picture to see it in larger size).

Clouds tinted by sunrise Clouds at sunrise Snow-capped mountains in background Hill in foreground, snow-capped mountain in background

Las Vegas is classy as always...

Entrance to women's lingerie shop in form of large legs with stockings and garter.

I saw this sculpture in front of the Cosmopolitan.

White dragon-like statue with yellow eyes White dragon-like statue with yellow eyes

The winged statue is on top of the Venetian hotel; the mirrored ball (set up for New Year's Eve) shows a reflection of the Strip.

Winged statue on top of Venetian hotel Las Vegas strip reflected in a mirrored ball.

These heart-shaped sculptures (done in conjunction with St. Jude) were across from the El Cortez casino downtown.

leaves in pastel colors Woman with harlequin mask in cloud background Monarch butterfly Buddha face in blue Koi fish and seaweed

Some shots from the casinos downtown.

Goose in cowboy hat holding golden egg Tropical fish sculpture on Mermaids Casino Large neon D with wave-like moving LED display inside the letter