Los Angeles Gay Pride 2012

9 June 2012

Here’s a billboard that I passed on the way to the festival:

Billboard for radio station: Not exactly new and improved, but it's been worse

The festival was held at West Hollywood Park; the cartoon-like painting is on the side of a parking garage.

Main entrance to L.A. Pride festival Whimsical cartoon-like painting on side of parking garage

And here are some of the people. The first picture is of a male belly dancer; he was actually pretty good at it.

Male belly dancer with spiky hair Man with bodypaint: Drop pants, not bombs Two men in dresses Women wearing shirts: “I’m so gay I shit rainbows”

10 June 2012

Here are pictures from the parade. The first picture is of a pet supply store’s sign. The confetti came from a “confetti gun.” The third picture shows Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa

Sign for a pet supply company Confetti from a “confetti gun” Mayor Villaraigosa of Los Angeles

I was standing near the International House of Pancakes; the staff there had special shirts for the occasion.

IHOP waitresses wearing special shirts showing a stack of pancakes in rainbow colors

And, finally, various parts of the parade that caught my eye, with a special bonus (last picture): His Majesty, the Queen.

City of West Hollywood's float Roller skater in rainbow scarf and tutu Two men in blue body paint with sea turtle motif Bearded man dressed as Jesus, wearing sunglasses Rainbow-colored pinwheels on a float Shirtless skateboarder holding rainbow pinwheel Man in dragon costume “Shirtless guy” balloon sculpture at Subway Man dressed as Queen Elizabeth II