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Washington D. C.–2013 October 19

I made a quick trip to Washington for my sister-in-law’s 60th birthday surprise party. I had some extra time, so I went downtown.

I got off the metro at the Navy Memorial. (Click any picture to see it at a larger size.)

Navy Memorial EST Landing Navy Memorial - recovery of Mercury capsule Navy Memorial - Admiral Farragut

And, from there, I headed to the Hirshhorn Museum (always the first museum I go to), and passed the National Gallery of Art sculpture garden.

Sculpture in form of box above soft arch AMOR (sculpture by Robert Indiana) Rabbit in pose of “The Thinker” on a rock.

This house is pretty much two-dimensional, but as you move past it, it seems three-dimensional and it changes as you walk past. Very trippy.

Flat sculpture of house which looks three dimensional in perspective

And then to the Hirshhorn sculpture garden and the interior of the building.

Sculpture that looks like abstract bull Abstract figure of a person (by Jacques Lipschitz) Spiral metal sculpture in shape of large wheel multiple posters, each with three horizontal bands of colors Flat black slab on white abstract “stump.” Photo print; top view of man sitting in room “Futurist flowrs” by Giacomo Bella Mandrake - abstract nickel-silver sculpture Abstract metal sculpture Whimsical black metal humanoid sculpture Bronze sculpture “Spiral Rhythm” “Spiral Rhythm” view from another angle

After the Hirshhorn, I walked to Union Station for lunch, passing the National Museum of the American Indian.

Top of totem poles at Museum of American Indian Closeup of animal at top of totem pole

And, after lunch, I walked to the Farragut West metro station, passing the Federal Trade Commission building, where I saw this sculpture, which, according to this website, is titled “Man Controlling Trade.” (It’s not by Thomas Hart Benton, though it sure looks like his style.)

Statue of man holding horse