Chicago 2011 - 29 October

I took a quick trip out to Chicago for a family event on the 29th. During the day, I had time to go downtown, and here are my pictures from the trip. I started the day near the Art Institute. Part of the old Chicago Stock Exchange building is preserved on the lake side of the Art Institute. (Click any picture to see a larger version.)

Ornately carved arch from former Chicago Stock Exchange Buliding Closeup of carving on stock exchange arch

There’s an open exhibit area on the third floor of the Art Institute. On display was “Lander.” The interesting part of this piece is that, during the day, it emits light that is equivalent to moonlight; during the night, it emits light that looks like sunlight.

“Lander,” a sculpture at Chicago Art Institute

Across from the Art Institute is Millennium Park. Among the signature parts of the park are the Lurie Garden, Cloud Gate (a highly reflective kidney bean-shaped piece), and the Jay Pritzker pavilion.

Red bushes in Lurie Gardens Grasses in foreground; Pritzker pavilion in background. Cloudgate, a large highly-polished stainless steel sculpture shaped like a kidney bean Chicago skyline reflected in Cloudgate Chicago skyline reflected in Cloudgate Twisted steel front of Pritzker Pavilion

People were taking pictures like mad at the Cloud Gate. The park is obviously a great place for photos; even people who are making advertisements use it as a backdrop.

Photographers with screens and cameras, shooting an advertisement

On the way to the Crown fountain, I passed a sculpture installation:

Sign reading “Interconnected - The Sculptures of Yvonne Domenge” Bright yellow twisted plastic, spherical-shaped sculpture White plastic, twisted spherical-shaped sculpture Blue plastic spherical sculpture made of irregularly shaped circular sections rotated around the vertical axis

The Crown Fountain has two 50-foot glass block columns that show projections on LED screens.

Approx. 16m (50 foot) sculpture showing a face on multiple LED screens. close up of LED “bricks” making up the sculpture