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Big WOW! ComicFest–2015 April 19

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The convention was nice, with many interesting costumed folk. Possibly the best were these two, playing the parts of the tenth and fourth Doctor from Dr. Who (David Tennant and Tom Baker). The resemblance of the fellow on the left was simply uncanny.

People playing the part of the tenth and fourth Doctors from Dr. Who

And a couple of others:

Cosplayer in wolf-like costume with blue arms and legs. Cosplayer in a one-eyed yellow triangular costume with top hat and bow tie.

My major purchase was a couple of more books by Lonnie Millsap. The guy’s work is funny. Sometimes shockingly rude, but funny.

However. After about an hour, I had seen what I wanted to see, and decided to take a walk outside, and I just started seeing things to take pictures of. So the rest of this is really just whatever caught my eye, quite often with no rhyme or reason—just “oh, this looks like it would make a good picture.” The pictures are in the order I took them, just to add a bit more randomness to the equation.

Abstract colorful bird. “The Bird” by Diana Camacho Painted wall in background, flowers in foreground. White curlicues painted on gray wall. Lrage wall painting of child with eyes closed Very large wall painting of young woman. Asian boy opening shirt to reveal superman costume beneath. “The Hero Within” by Neni Silva Multicolored abstract of billiard player Graffitti of face and hand on wall Multicolored plastic patio chairs White yarn knitted around base of tree. Orange flowers on top of sign for California Theatre old-style neon sign with start at top and arrow at bottom Ivy on walls Decorative stonework on inner surface of archway “Signal Loss” painted in red spray paint near utility access Metal tag on a pipe Standpipe with red-colored outlets Stone scrollwork on building Stone scrollwork on supports under building overhang Round blue “walk your bike” sign embedded in sidewalk. Painted shield with grapes around side; labeled “San Jose” Wire and plastic sculpture outside convention center Wire and plastic sculpture outside convention center; sun reflecting off plastic Shadow of sculpture outside convention center Top of old-fashioned clock across from convention center