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Big WOW! ComicFest–2014 May 17

Click any picture to see a larger version.

Here are pictures of cosplayers from comics that you may be familiar with.

Batman villains including poison ivy and joker Cosplayers as Deadpool, Spiderman, and Ant Man Cosplayer dressed as Magneto Man dressed as Clark Kent

International comics characters were also represented. The first one is El Chapulín Colorado and the second one is Speed Racer.

Cosplayer dressed as El Chapulín Colorado Cosplayer dressed as Speed Racer

Morpheus from The Matrix and Dr. Who were also there.

Cosplayer dressed as Morpheus from The Matrix Cosplayer dressed as Tom Baker's Dr. Who Man dressed as Sylvester McCoy's “Doctor Who”

Someone from My Little Pony showed up as well.

Person in brown “My Little Pony” costume

I have no idea who these characters are.

Two people in gorilla suits

This is a painted utility box near the convention center; it caught my eye.

Painted utility box of strange being with eyes inside mouth