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From Airport to Hotel

You have several options for getting from Kim-p'o airport to your hotel in Seoul.

The most expensive way to get downtown is in a deluxe taxi (top photo). You can take a regular taxi (bottom photo), but that is also expensive. Both of these, of course, are subject to Seoul's traffic jams. Deluxe Taxi
Standard Taxi

A less expensive method of getting downtown is via one of the airport buses. In order of descending cost, they are the Airport Limousine Bus, KAL Limousine Bus (4,500 won), and the Airport Express Bus (1,000 won).

Subway car interior

Your least expensive option is the subway, at 600 won, and it's guaranteed to avoid traffic jams. The trip from Kim-p'o to downtown takes about forty minutes. Depending upon where your hotel is, you may have to transfer one or two times to a different subway line. This can involve a lot of walking, so if you have a lot of luggage, you may want to take the airport bus and save yourself some effort.

As long as we're on the subject, let's get into more detail about how you'll get around Seoul while you're visiting.

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