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Taxis (t'aeksi)

Between the buses and subways, you can get to almost any part of Seoul that you want to. However, if you're on business, you may need to get to an exact address and won't have time to bother with the extra walking needed to get to and from a subway station. Also, if you're out late, you'll have to take a taxi, since the buses and subways stop running at midnight.

The most expensive way to travel is in a deluxe taxi (top photo). You can, of course, always take a less expensive regular taxi.

Deluxe Taxi
Standard Taxi

When taking a taxi, it's very important that you have a map showing your destination. The hotel business cards will show have a map on them; have someone at the hotel write the address of the destination on the card in Korean. You need to do this because of the way addresses work in Seoul and because you cannot presume that the driver will speak your language with any degree of fluency.