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A Look Around the Station

The subway station also is a connecting point for pedestrian underpasses, and has links to underground shopping areas where you can find stores with just about any kind of merchandise you want. Clothing stores are plentiful, as are small coffee-shops and restaurants.

Underground shopping mall (2) Clothing store dummies

LED display in subway station

Animated LED displays provide entertainment as well as information.

You'll also see posters everywhere. Some are pure advertising...

HP Printer Poster
Political poster

Some posters show that the gentle art of political cartooning is still alive and well...

And some posters are public service announcements exhorting you to get some exercise by taking the stairs instead of the escalators. "Get some exercise" poster

And, as you can see from the picture below, that can involve some fairly long climbs; at some stations you may even find a blood pressure machine to check your health!

Stairway at I-dae subway station Blood pressure machine in subway