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Phone and Mail

You may want to keep in touch with the folks back home, either by phone or mail. You will see two types of phones in Seoul: red phones and gray phones (by the color of the handset). The red phones, shown below at the left, will place international calls. The gray phones, shown below right, are for local calls. Phone cards are widely available, and almost all pay phones will accept the cards. It's worth it to buy a card rather than fumbling for change.

Red phone Gray phone

The central post office is downtown in the Myeong-dong district. You can buy stamps there. You can drop postcards or envelopes into the bright orange mailboxes. If you need to send a package, the central post office has a packing service. They have all the boxes and packing materials, and the staff is extra-competent and helpful.

The envelope pictured below at the right says “Thank You” at the top and “Seoul Central Post Office” at the bottom.

Mailbox Postage stamps