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Nam-dae-mun (namdaemun)

The “great south gate” (Nam-dae-mun) is South Korea's National Treasure Number One. The Nam-dae-mun market is located nearby; if you don't mind large crowds, you are sure to find a bargain on virtually any item you want. The market is another place where you'll want to have a good map or a good sense of direction; it's a maze of little twisty passages, all different.

"The Big Drill"

I don't know the exact name of this interesting sculpture in the Nam-dae-mun area, so I just thought of it as “The Big Drill.”

People are highly interested in politics in Seoul, so there's always a protest du jour. Don't be surprised to see a bus of police with riot gear as you amble through the streets.

Police riot shields
 “63” Building
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