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Kwang-hwa-mun (kwanghwamun)

The Korean word “mun” (mun) means gate or door, so Kwang-hwa-mun is really the “Kwang-hwa Gate”. It's in the north central part of downtown. Here are some long-distance pictures of Kwang-hwa-mun:

Kwanghwamun (3) Kwanghwamun (1) Kwanghwamun (2)

Some closeups of the roof:

Kwanghwamun roof (1) Kwanghwamun roof (2) Roof tiles, Kwanghwamun (1) Roof tiles, Kwanghwamun (2)

Some more close-up shots:

Kwanghwamun closeup Guardian animal, Kwanghwamun

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