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Finding Your Way

"This way to..." signs In the West, we're used to a "grid" style city layout, with street numbers assigned to buildings in geographical order (such as odd numbers on left, even numbers on right, in ascending order as you travel north). We expect to see street signs on every corner, with building numbers clearly marked.

Seoul is not laid out in this fashion at all! Except for major arteries, street signs are pretty much absent, as are building numbers. Furthermore, these numbers are not assigned in any particular sequence. For example, on one street, the numbers are 523, 549, 512, 484, and 461 on the left side; with 359, 398, 413, and 389 on the right.

How do you find an address in Seoul, then? For most major landmarks, you just give the name and someone at the hotel can tell you how to get there. Taxi drivers, of course, know all the major landmarks and tourist sites. For the more obscure addresses: