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Chong-myo (chongmyo)

The Korean word “myo” (myo) means shrine, so Chong-myo is really the “Chong Shrine”. Located just a few blocks to the east and across the street from Kyeong-bok-kung, Chong- myo is open to tourists every day except Tuesday, and admission costs only 700 won.

Chongmyo Statue near Chongmyo
Metalwork on gate at Chongmyo (1) Metalwork on gate at Chongmyo (2)
Chongmyo closeup

From Chong-myo, you can walk across a footbridge to Ch'ang-kyeong-gung. This palace is adjacent to another palace, Ch'ang-deok-kung, whose grounds contain P'i-won, the “secret garden”.

 Kyeong-bok-kung (5)
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