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Riding the Subway

"Entrainment position" (keep back) You'll see this yellow striping on the subway platform. Stay behind the line for your safety. The text reads "boarding position" -- the subway car stops so that the doors open right in front of this text. (You should, of course, stand to the side of this point so that people may get off the subway first before you board.)

Crowd exiting subway If you plan your excursions well, you will be able to avoid the early morning and late afternoon rush hours. The trains run less frequently during the off hours, but you should never have to wait more than six to eight minutes to catch the train.

Once on the subway, you need to know when you're at your stop. The train intercom will announce the stops in Korean and English. Many cars also have an LED display that shows the next stop, as well as the side of the car where the doors will open, in Korean, then in English. The green text at the left of the sign reads "This station / Exit door."

Subway stop information LED (Han-gul) Subway stop information LED (English)

Once you get to your destination, you'll want to know how to make your exit from the station.

 Buying Subway Tickets