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About These Pages

A word from the author

The Author These pages are part travel guide, part photo album. The travel guide (the topics on the left side of the main index) give you a brief description of how to get around Seoul.

The “Tour of Seoul” on the right side of the main index gives you a photographic tour of a small part of the wide variety of things that you can find in Seoul.

All the pictures on these pages were taken with an Olympus D-500L digital camera during January of 1999. If you click on a picture, you will see a larger version of it.

There are a few links to sites that aren't on this disc. They will be in italics, like this link to the Korean National Tourist Organization home page. You have to have a connection to the internet in order to see the italicized links.

Not all of the pictures are in the travel guide or tour pages. From the main index, you can get to a catalog of all the pictures on the disc. These are organized by topic; some pictures may be listed under more than one topic.

You may also see a fairly extensive tutorial that will teach you the basics of the Korean language.

I hope you enjoy this site as much as I enjoyed my trip to Seoul!