More New Words

Here are the letters you know (in alphabetical order). The new letter is in the highlighted row:

  А     а   a in aha!
  Д     д   d in dog
  Е     е   ye in yet
  К     к   k in key
  Н     н   n as in no
  О     о   o as in open
  Т     т   t as in top
  Ч     ч   ch as in cheap
  Э     э   e as in echo

And here are some words that use those letters. See if you can figure out how they're pronounced before you click the speaker.

  кто  who
  он  he
  она́  she
  оно́  it
  Кана́да  Canada
  конта́кт  contact
  чек  check (bill; receipt)
  окно́  window

Now, on to a review exercise.