After the Meal

After all this eating and drinking, you may need to go to the restroom. Indelicate though the subject is, it’s very important to be able to find the correct room for your gender! Here are some letters to help you with this vital task.

Ж ж zh (the sound in measure)
У у u as in ruler
Щ щ See explanation

Here is the Russian word for “man”: мужчи́на
and the word for “woman” же́нщина

Look for the first letter of these words on the restroom door. The actual terms for “men’s room” and “women’s room” are shown below. Note that the words for “men’s” and “women’s” are really the adjectives for “male” and “female.”

мужско́й туале́т men’s room
же́нский туале́т women’s room
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