Where's the Restaurant?

That's right -- you need to eat, so you need to know how to ask where the restaurant is. Here's what it sounds like: and to spell it, we'll need two letters, each of which has a Picture Drama.

Picture Drama #1

Here is a picture of an oar, which you use to row, row, row your raft down the river. oar

And here is a Russian letter that looks like that oar: Р. You pronounce it with a “trill,” and it sounds like this (very lengthened and exaggerated so you can hear it):

If you can't do the trill, just make it sound like the first consonant in rest, and everyone will still understand you.

Picture Drama #2

Here is a picture of a semicircle. semicircle

Even if we flip it on its side, it's still the same silly semicircle. semicircle

And here is the Russian letter that looks like the semicircle, has the name “ess,” and the consonant sound of the word same: С

Now we know all the letters we need to write the word for "restaurant," .

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