Other Places

In addition to asking where the restaurant is:

Где́ рестора́н?

You'd like to be able to ask things like:

Where's the bank?

Where's the hotel?

Where's the metro (subway)?

We'll need four new letters for that. Here are the first three of them:

CapitalSmallSounds like
Б б b as in bat
М м m as in mom
Ц ц ts as in its

Here’s a “Picture Drama” for the fourth letter:

This is an equal sign
This is an equal sign standing up.
This is a line that's leaning between the sides of the equal sign to keep them apart.
This is the Russian vowel whose sound is the long e in equal. и
By the way: this vowel,и all by itself, is the Russian word for and.

With these letters, we can now talk about the bank, hotel, and subway.

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