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Here are some of the books that I used as reference sources when making these pages. The comments are my personal opinions. Click on any linked title below to order the book from

Russian at a Glance : Phrase Book and Dictionary for Travelers
Author:Thomas R. Beyer, Jr.
ISBN: 0-8120-4299-9
Comments: Excellent phrasebook with lots of cultural information. The grammar section contains an astonishing amount of material in a mere seven pages. Great for the beginner.

English-Russian / Russian-English Dictionary
Author:Kenneth Katzner
Publisher:John Wiley & Sons
ISBN: 0-47101-707-8
Comments: Simply the best dictionary there is. If you are at all serious about learning Russian, you must have this book.

Simplified Russian Grammar
Author:Mischa Fayer
Publisher:National Textbook Company
ISBN: 0-84424-231-4
Comments: This is the textbook I used when learning Russian. Read the review at before you buy; I agree with most the reviewer’s comments. I thought the book was great, but I had a great teacher while I was using it. If you're studying on your own, this book may not be ideal.

Russian Grammar in Illustrations
Authors: Pekhlivanova, Kira I., and Lebedeva, Marina N.
Publisher:Firbird Publications
ISBN: 0-82853-735-6
Comments: Another book for the serious student of Russian. It is written in Russian, but the wonderful illustrations and the clarity of presentation make it easily accessible to even intermediate-level students. A fantastic reference book which would also make a superb adjunct textbook in a classroom situation.

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