Summary of Korean Romanization

Although I'm somewhat opposed to Romanization, as it tends to delay people's learning of the Korean alphabet, there has been a demand from people who have used this site for a summary page that they can print out. Here it is. But don't use it! <grin>

In the consonant table, a consonant with an apostrophe following it is pronounced “aspirated”, with a puff of air after it. A double consonant is “tense” or glottalized.

In the vowel table, the letter e is short (as in ten), i is pronounced as in elite (an “ee” sound), and u is a long u as pronounced like the oo in room.

k k
kk kk
n n
t t
tt tt
r r
m m
p p
pp pp
s s
ss ss
ng silent at start of syll.
ng at end of syll.
ch ch
jj jj
ch' ch'
k' k'
t' t'
p' p'
h h

Simple vowels
a a
ae ae
eo eo
e e
o o
u u
eu eu
i i
“y” vowels
ya ya
yae yae
yeo yeo
ye ye
yo yo
yu yu
wa wa
wae wae
oe oe
weo weo
we we
wi wi
eui eui

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