Downloading This Tutorial to Your Computer

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Download this file: and unzip it into a directory of your choosing.

Now that you've downloaded everything you need...

You can start the tutorial by double-clicking the index.htm file in the kintro directory. This will start your browser, and the tutorial will run in your browser exactly as if you were online.

If you can't double-click the index file, or it doesn't start the browser when you do so, then do this:

  1. Start your browser
  2. Go to the File menu
  3. Select the option that lets you open a file.
  4. You'll get a dialog box that shows you your file system. Go to the kintro folder and open the index.htm file.

Programming Information about the Syllable Images

This section is for those people who wish to write Javascript code to manipulate the syllable images, or wish to understand the code they've downloaded. If you're not a programmer, you may safely ignore this information.

Each syllable's image has the name consisting of the letter s followed by a number which is generated by this formula:

    number = (begin_consonant-1) * 588 + (vowel-1) * 28 + (end_consonant) + 1

followed by the suffix .png

The begin_consonant is the number of the first consonant as shown in the table below:
beginning consonant numbers

The vowel number is given according to this table:
vowel numbers

The end_consonant is given as shown in this table (if there is no end consonant, use a value of zero).
ending consonant numbers