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23 May 2017
Another much-needed massive rewrite.
15 Jan 2003
Changed Romanization to match new Korean Government guidelines; added some verbiage to accommodate these changes.
2 Jan 2003
Massive rewrite; put text navigation on all pages, and converted entire site to XHTML with style sheets.
8 October 1999
Changed all sound files to .WAV format, and updated HTML files to reflect this change.
9 August 1999
Fixed flash card section in vocabulary; I had moved some files one level of directory lower and forgotten to fix the references to the syllable pictures and JavaScript routines. Thanks to Larry Poindexter for finding this one.
7 December 1998
Added flash cards and opposites to the vocabulary section. Changed the seedInput function in kinput.js to allow a button to insert multiple syllables into input-in-process.
15 October 1998
Added pages to practice alphabetical order for consonants and vowels.
16 September 1998
Found mistype in grammar section about "existence verbs". Fixed incorrect link at the top of sidebar page. Updated link to Hangul and Internet in Korea FAQ.
21 August 1998
Added section on giving directions.
7 June 1998
Fixed a bug in kinput.js; the entire input area now erases before showing a correct answer in response to the "Show answer" button.

Added a set of vocabulary flash cards for a test I have on Tuesday in Korean class. Not accessible from main menu, but from this link for the terminally curious.

11 May 1998
In order to make the tutorial work with the Opera browser, the syllable pictures have all had .gif added as a suffix. This will require people who are downloading to also download to keep everything in synch.
5 May 1998
Massive changes to Korean syllable input routine:
  1. "nch" is now accepted as last component of a syllable
  2. Entering "h-a-n-a" will automagically result in "ha-na" (end syllable key is no longer needed)
  3. Added "reset" key to entry grid
Added section on "to exist/to not exist"
22 April 1998
Added new section on verbs; includes an "auto-conjugator."

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