How to Enter Korean Input

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Below you see a “mini-keyboard” that will let you enter Korean syllables. Just click the letters in the order you want them, and they will appear in the squares below. Try it out.

You have typed:

      End syll Reset

Note: there are three special keys. The first one is the backspace key: . As you click it, it undoes the syllables you are building. If you want to erase your entire entry, you just click the Reset key.

The “end syllable” key: End syll tells the computer that you’re done with a syllable and are ready to move to the next one.

Ordinarily you will not need this key; as you enter the syllables, the computer will figure out which vowels and consonants belong together. If you want to enter the word 하나, you just click these keys:

and the will shift over to the second syllable as soon as you click the last .

No computer method is perfect, though. If you are entering a word and a consonant will not shift over, or if it shifts when you don’t want it to, you can use the End syll key to force the interpretation you want.

Thus, you could also enter 하나 by clicking these keys:

End syll

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