The Auto-Conjugator

On the next page is the Auto-Conjugator. It will give you a choice of verbs. You select the verb, tense, and style, and it will show you the conjugated verb.

Go there now, or continue reading the history of the Auto-Conjugator.

Years ago, when I worked on the PLATO system at the University of Illinois, I had to write some computer-based exercises for the Modern Hebrew Project. Since Hebrew verbs are very regular, I was able to write a program that would take the root of a verb and add the appropriate endings, thus generating problems for students to do. Over the years I’ve resurrected (or, more correctly, exhumed) the idea for Spanish and Russian verbs on a variety of computer systems.

Since Korean also has a very regular verb structure, I have decided to bring back the Fabulous Auto-Conjugator for one more appearance. Click forward to see it in action.

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