Your Honor

Sometimes you will be talking to someone who is clearly a superior (a manager at a business meeting, a teacher, a clergyman). If you are using the polite form, you will add something called an honorific to let the other person know you respect him or her. You never use an honorific in referring to yourself.

The honorific comes between the stem and the verb ending.

Vowel StemConsonant Stem
HonorificVerb endingHonorificVerb Ending
시- -ᅟᅠᆸ니다 으시- -ᅟᅠᆸ니다

Here's an example:

VerbStemHonorificEndingConjugated Verb
(to go)가다 시- -ᅟᅠᆸ니다 십니다
(to be good)좋다 으시- -ᅟᅠᆸ니다 으십니다
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