Formal Endings

The ordinary formal endings for present tense are:

Vowel Ending StemsConsonant Ending Stems
-mnida -seum-ni-da

For vowel stems, the p gets attached to the syllable that has the vowel.

VerbStemEndingConjugated Verb
(to go)kada ka pnida kam-ni-da
(to be good)chohda choh seum-ni-da choh-seum-ni-da

These verbs are present tense—for all pronouns.

I go: naneun kapnida
you go: neoneun kapnida
we go: @urineun kapnida
I am good: naneun chohseupnida
you are good: neoneun chohseupnida
we are good: @u rineun chohseupnida
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