Grammar: Bad News / Good News

I really urge you to look at the grammar section if you’re interested in learning Korean in any real depth. In the interests of full disclosure, here’s what you’re getting into:

The Bad NewsThe Good News

You’ll slow down at first as you remember the rules and paste together sentences. (This will seem painfully slow to you. A delay of one second in getting a word out feels like three weeks. See note)

As you practice (that’s the key: practice), you’ll be able to apply the rules more quickly. Eventually the rules become automatic and you won’t have to pause to figure them out.

You’re given the rules for constructing sentences rather than "owning" them by figuring them out for yourself.

It’s a lot faster to have the rules figured out in advance. Anyway, you can still construct your own personal rules if you don’t like the ones we give you.

You’ll see some technical grammar terms in an effort to be precise.

I promise to define the terms in plain language. You’ll get precise terms rather than sloppy ones.

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