Some More Words

Now that you have all the consonants and most of the vowels, you can start learning a lot of new words. Here are some words for food, beginning with one that everyone in Korea knows:


It’s romanized as gim-chi, and it’s the spicy pickled cabbage that is a staple with almost every Korean meal.

Of course, no meal would be complete without . That’s the Korean word for rice.

You can click the Korean syllables in the tables below to hear them.

Here are more things to eat:

bul-go-gi (broiled beef)
gal-bi-jjim (beef rib stew)
man-du (dumplings)

And here are things to drink:

hong-cha (tea)
keo-pi (coffee)
mul (water)
kol-la (cola)
u-yu (milk)
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