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This is one section I’ve avoided writing, mostly because I didn’t like the topic. I realized I needed more practice with it, so here it is.

First, here are some of the phrases you’ll need when asking for or listening to directions.

@oenccok@euro   tose@yo Turn left.
@oreunccok@euro   tose@yo Turn right.
ttokparo   kase@yo Go straight
ttokparo   se   peurrok   kase@yo Go straight 3 blocks.
kir@eul   keonneose@yo Cross the street.
kkeut’@e   @issseupnida It’s on the corner.
@oenccok@e   @issseupnida It’s on the left.
@oreunccok@e   @issseupnida It’s on the right.
ka@unde@e   @issseupnida It’s in the middle (of the block).

Now, you can practice giving directions.