About Sound

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This tutorial uses sound files to help you learn the language. I've had a lot of email about people who haven't been able to hear the sound correctly in these tutorials. As of 14 July 2000, I've changed the way that sound files get loaded in the newer browsers. I hope this will fix the problem.

For your information, all the files are in .WAV format; your browser should be able to play them. If you still can't hear them, please send me email and tell me which browser you're using and which version, as well as which page didn't give you sound. If you get an error message on the screen, please write it down exactly and send that to me as well. This will assist me greatly in tracking down the problem.

Also: if you are using the QuickTime plugin, and don't seem to hear the last part of the sounds, go to Start->Control Panels->Quicktime, then select "Sound Out" from the combo box, and select the correct sound output device.