Present Progressive for Group 1

Group 1: u-dropping verbs

Here are the rules for forming the te form of group 1 verbs. In all cases, you drop the last syllable. Depending upon the last syllable, you add an ending as described in the following table.

TypeLast SyllableAdd
A utsuru *te
B bumunu nde
C ku ite
D gu ide
E su shite


TypeVerbte formResult
A au
(to meet)
a*te a*teimasu
(is meeting)
(to hit)
bu*te bu*teimasu
(is hitting)
(to take)
to*te to*teimasu
(is taking)
B hakobu
(to carry)
hakonde hakondeimasu
(is carrying)
(to read)
yonde yondeimasu
(is reading)
(to die)
shinde shindeimasu
(is dying)
C kaku
(to write)
kaite kaiteimasu
(is writing)
D kutsurogu
(to relax)
kutsuroide kutsuroideimasu
(is relaxing)
E hanasu
(to speak)
hanashite hanashiteimasu
(is speaking)