The Plural Definite Article

We’ve already seen that the definite article agrees with its noun’s gender. The definite also must agree with the noun’s number. Yes, this means that the definite article has a plural form for each of masculine, feminine, and neuter. Here’s an updated table of the:

Singular Plural
Masc.Fem.Neuter Masc.Fem.Neuter

Let's review our table of nouns, with the definite article added in both singular and plural:

Masculine   (the circle)
  (the man)
  (the tailor)
  (the circles)
  (the men)
  (the tailors)
Feminine   (the mother)
  (the roof)
  (the mothers)
  (the roofs)
Neuter   (the pencil)
  (the minute)
  (the color)
  (the pencils)
  (the minutes)
  (the colors)
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