The Indefinite Article

The indefinite article in English is a or an (depending upon whether the word begins with a vowel sound or not). The indefinite article in Greek is shown below, and, as with the definite article, it comes in three genders to match its noun:

a, an

Let’s take the words from the last page and put them with the proper indefinite article:


a man,

a tailor,

a circle

a mother,

a queen,

a roof

a pencil,

a minute,

a girl

Bonus! The indefinite article also means the number one. So, for example, you could render the last part of that table into English as “one pencil, one minute, one girl”. In conversation or in written Greek, the context will always make it clear which meaning is correct.

Before proceeding, let’s practice what we’ve learned about gender and articles.

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