“It’s all Greek to me!”

And then they’ll laugh.
As if it’s really funny.
As if you haven’t heard it before.
As if you haven’t said it before.
(Admit it–we all have.)

But inside that ancient cliché,
which is probably as old as Greece itself,
there’s a great truth.

It’s all Greek.
You’re learning the Greek alphabet,
and you’re making Greek words with it.
You use Greek grammar to put those words together
in order to read Greek,
and write Greek,
and speak Greek.

And because
it’s all Greek,
we’ll have to ask you to set aside your knowledge of English for a time.
Please look at this material
as if it were completely new,
and not connected with your current language.
After all,
it’s all Greek.
And, much faster than you imagine, it will be all yours.

That having been said, let’s dive in to the alphabet and learn our first Greek letter.

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